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>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

Never knew that we could get the Wifi to surf for free fun without having to be diarea hotspot?

Easy Wifi Radar is an application for a computer that was created for lovers who want to surf enjoy free using Wifi network but not in the area but could get a wifi hotspot in the area around us where there is a hotspot network and atomatis directly connected if there are hotspots that without security or open connection

With just one click on Easy Wifi Radar application we will get information about hotspots or wireless accesss point around us or in other words we will get the colors displayed on the display radarnnya, eg

Green color means the wireless access point or hotspot is found free or open connection

Yellow color means the wireless access point or hotspot found is encrypted or the connection requires a WEP-key or some kind of password that must be filled
Red color means the wireless access point or hotspot is found is a closed connection or we need a WEP-key from the hotspot provider

once again if the radar to find any open hotspot connection, it will automatically be connected and if the radar to find more than one, then if the connection on the first hotspot will directly connect with other paths hotspot connections

Download : Easy Wifi Radar


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