Be careful WinRAR Can Ruin Your Hard Disk

>> Monday, October 18, 2010

You are already familiar with the software and often use WinRAR to compress, to be careful if you receive a file named WinRAR.exe, because not a compression program that you can, but the virus is ready to kill your hard disk. By Norman security softwere, the virus identified as W32/Suspicious_Gen2.CAHWJ which is a modified version of the virus Stuxnet local or Netskyvista.

The workings of this virus, the first thing he did was get a window with a message as follows "a moment with you feels so wonderful, would not kulupa forever, Djogja5/03/2007”, besides your hard drive C full direct suddenly in a matter of minutes. This is caused by a virus multiplies in large quantities in a folder that was predetermined.

Another characteristic is always using WinRAR icon with a file size less than 60 KB with exe extension. Therefore be careful when you download from the site that you have not seen before, if you find the above characteristics then you must be careful, do not always installed or opened try to check first whether the file is in accordance with the characteristics mentioned earlier. If you've installed and proven like feature above the computer is already well-known virus positive.

To overcome this, you can immediately fix the computer by using antivirus software Dr.Web Norman Marware Cleaner or CureIT, do not forget to update your antivirus software is installed so no longer infected. To get more information about cleaning this virus, you can get it at (PCplus)


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