Office for Mac 2011 Has Been Present in Indonesia

>> Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good news for Mac users. Office for Mac 2011 is available in Indonesia starting today. An official distributor, Sistech Kharisma, also has been appointed to handle this product. Oh yes, if you users of Office for Mac 2008 original, you can upgrade to the latest version is free until November 30.

"Can be downloaded from its website, can use the CD but no shipping costs," said Harry Kartono (Retail Sales & Marketing Manager Lead, Microsoft Indonesia) when announcing the presence of Office for Mac 2011 in Jakarta.

Office for Mac 2011 comes in two flavors: Student and Home Edition and Home and Business Edition. Each license was released in two versions. Student and Home Edition Version distinguished on a single license (U.S. $ 179) and family pack (3 license, U.S. $ 209). While the version of Home and Business is divided based on a single license (U.S. $ 269) and two licenses (U.S. $ 349).

On the cardboard version of the Home and Business listed WPXO writing in blue letters, red, green and yellow are striking. Each letter is an abbreviation of packaged applications in the suite of Office for Mac 20 100, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. While in the Student and Home version, the writing just WPX. The letter O represents the Outlook is not listed, because Outlook is not included in this version.

New things in this Office suite, said Vosen Chong (Commercial Product Manager, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft Operations Pte Ltd), among others, is the photo editing capabilities, full screen view, ribbon interface, gallery templates, Visual Basic editor, dynamic reordering, and Outlook 2011.

Vosen and demonstrate the new features in each application. In Word, for example, we can directly edit the document and resize the image. While in Excel, Conditional Formatting no additional sparklines who will add trend data from the figures in the table.

New features in PowerPoint more attractive, including the ability to edit pictures. It was demonstrated how the background image can be directly discharged in Powerpoint without the help of other software. What is also unique feature is the dynamic reordering. "This is to rearrange the images / layers with the 3D view," said Vosen. (Source: PCplus)


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