New Features Of Windows 8 The Immediate at Launch

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

The company this one is truly outstanding, the manufacturer who issued the Microsoft Windows operating system recently launched its newest product, namely Microsoft Windows 7. Have not these people use Windows, Microsoft plans to re presents Windows operating system 8, these windows will be better than Windows 7 is now.

According to the source Windows 8 is much better than windows which are now in the market. As we know Windows rot a condition where windows operating system is slowly degenerating into slow, soggy conditions after installing lots of applications, uninstall, and other things that accumulate in the system from time to time.

The people who perform good maintenance practices in the computer to help keep the installation of Windows run better, longer, but it does happen to everyone. Action re-format and / or reinstall to make things feel new again, even on old hardware. And now it seems Microsoft will build internally reinstall feature to Windows 8.

As seen in some of the leaked presentation slides, Microsoft could have a recovery option to reset Windows while retaining all personal files and user accounts. One presentation showed pictures option to reinstall all applications that have been purchased from Microsoft's App Store.

Here's a screenshot of Windows 8, which immediately launched.


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