Enable Video With Voice Command

>> Saturday, September 4, 2010

If using Windows XP system with Microsoft Plus!, You can take advantage of voice recognition facility in Windows Media Player to govern computer by voice.

The first one you should do, namely you need to attach a microphone to the computer. After that:
  1. Start the program Microsoft Plus! Voice Command for Windows Media Player. How, click "Start> All Programs> Accessories> Entertainment> Microsoft Plus! Voice Command for Windows Media Player ".
  2. Next, you can set the configuration by clicking the microphone icon "Voive Command for Windows Media Player", and click "Getting Started".
  3. Then click "Configure Microphone" to run the Microphone Wizars.Follow the instructions that appear
To further give commands to the computer, perform the following steps:
  1. In the Language bar, click the icon to activate the speech recoginition Microphone. Language bar will display the message "Microsoft Is On 'or' Listering ..." if the computer is ready to receive commands
  2. In Langage bar, make sure Voice Command has been selected and has an active microphone. Make sure all Plus! Voice Command and Windows Media Player was running.
  3. Give the command in accordance with the commands that are supported by the Plus! Voice Command. The following is a list of commands to control the video player in Windows Media Player.


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