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>> Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Automatic Printer. Try to imagine, if at home or at work using several printers at once. There are inkjet printers, laser jet, dot matrix, up to a virtual printer. Everything used to print color to printing the form of the draft.

With the printer that much, would be exhausting especially when trying to print, we must select the first printer which will be achieved. Would be more comfortable if there was software that can automatically adjust the course. For example when trying to print from Microsoft Word using a laser printer, and now want to print directly from Photoshop using an inkjet.

With Automatic Printer Switcher, users can avoid manually changing the printer multiple times on several different software, in other words it can shorten the printing phases. This software automatically switching the printer to the monitor window of the software that is user activated. Make sure you first install the NET Framework 3.5 before running this software.

Price: Free
File Size: 371.43 KB
Production: Computedsynergy.
Information : http://www.computedsynergy.com


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