How To Easily Protect Computer From Virus Attack Manually

>> Sunday, August 15, 2010

To prevent viruses, trojans, worms and the like in addition to using antivirus, there
a safe solution to your computer, fast and practical. Well, read this article further. This article was purposely written for those of you who want to prevent damage to systems, files and data without the intervention of your antivirus and firewall manually.

Will first explain the definition and how viruses, trojans, worms and the like can get into your computer system.

1. Another fact with a trojan virus or worm, but the virus dissemination practices utilized by many worms and Trojan horse programs. Trojan is a program that can be run (usually to the exe extension) by the user's computer and when programs are run, then he will change anything from our computer system (usually windows registry is changed.) Whereas if the virus is resident in memory and he will change the file extension is usually exe or com-and sometimes the file becomes corrupted. If the worm (worm) is a small program in the form of scripts that can be landed anywhere, even perched in html files (web files).

Generally antivirus programs combine all the worms and trojans in the category of viruses, only the virus code examples given May be a worm in front of you the new W worm code name (example: w32/sober) and We Will Also consider Same Because all That damage of a computer file system. The bottom line is either a virus or a function like a trojan / worm and vice versa as well, ESPECIALLY if the file has been infected, the files automatically Becomes a trojan / worm, too, Because if the user will from open it to infection of other files.

2. The spread of the virus can only be used via external media such as disktet, but in the era of modern multi viruses generally utilize Internet technology to become widespread. The entry way could be through E-mail (attachment), mirc, messenger (send / download files), downloaded from the sites (especially porn sites) or even exploit the weaknesses of the system browser. Many ways to trap the virus makers that are interested in downloading and opening files that had viruses, among others, with love porno pictures, funny pictures, useful tools for you, how can the money, good games, until recently there message from the FBI / CIA for you.

Actually the way that was easy enough to overcome the virus, among others:
  1. Do not open or accept files that can be from the email, mirc and the messenger if you do not already familiar with the author and are not sure that the files contain viruses.
  2. If your browser to a site that you do not know, turn off java & java script program. Turn off the auto install feature or install on demand so that a program that contains a virus will not go automatically to your computer.
  3. If you open the floppy, CD, DVD, USB drives and external media, whatever the form, first scan with an antivirus program to make sure it is completely safe.
Above tips might prevent entry of virus into your computer, but will not be 100% sure your computer is not infected, you might miss. More than 90% of Internet-connected computer has a virus. So to overcome so you are safe from viruses, although the virus has had time to get into your computer, here is how:

1. Viruses in general will damage and slow down the computer work. To avoid the damage the virus, you should have a backup data storage or file system. For that system and data backup is necessary, let alone we will not know the virus in the future will be sophisticated as what effect the damage caused and to what extent.

Backup mode on WinXP and winme to create a restore point first in the programs> accessories > system tools > system restore, win98 can use Microsoft Backup to back up all the windows folder. Especially for data, WinXP and winme also must use Microsoft Backup, because system restore is not 100% restore your data.

If you are lazy to do it manually, WinXP and winme is automatically done each time you shut down your computer, for win98 only way the system only uses the program schedule for Windows or another program that functions as automated backups, when your computer is idle again. but for sure, WinXP and winme also have to wear these programs so that if anything happens, you just need to restore back. If your computer is exposed to the virus today, you just restore the previous system or the yesterday.

2. This is to prevent the virus from damaging the file system we usually end in exe, and before you do this, you must first back up your Windows system (no one read the description above), because the author was afraid you made a mistake which can be fatal to your system. You must also have basic Windows to do this, otherwise you will be confused and difficult to understand.

The way is quite easy, you just change the attributes of your exe file to be Read Only, can not be written. how can you use a SEARCH from your windows, then find all the programs that were ektenstion exe (its search key *. exe) in windows folder. After that blocks all programs that appear (or press ctrl + a) continue to right click select properties. Then select Rwad Only at the bottom of the box attributes option. For those who know DOS (command prompt) can use the attrib command, function the same way above. example: c:\windows>attrib+r*.exe

This will prevent the virus to alter or destroy the files, because the option was turned off the feature to modify those files. If you want to be sure a virus could detect it, you can add options to the right of Hidden Read Only. With both these options viruses in general will not be able to infect the file. If you wish reveals the hidden file when open a folder on your computer, you can select "show all hidden files" in "folder options".

You may also do so at the top to all the folders on your computer, if you feel this needs to be done, or might do well to another file that is not to exe or com extensions. This mode is the most effective way and has been tested by the authors. An important note, if you want to do deletion or mutation, or you frequently update the files that were exe extension, you must remember to open a read-only protection or are hidden. Otherwise the file will not be deleted or updated, and error message appears. This is one way to protect files.


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