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>> Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today many software to support image editing or design activities, one of which is open-source. This application is not inferior to other paid software, call it "Inkscape" The software is provided free of charge, can be used by many operating systems.

Inkscape supports standard XML, SVG, and CSS. Inkscape uses the W3C standard file formats, namely Scalable Vector Graphics. Generally consisting of a vector image format SVG, EPS, and CDR has a smaller size than the bitmap image format that has a large size.

The main features owned "Inkscape" one is able to export or import a bitmap image format such as PNG, JPEG, and BMP. There is also a complete tool to draw a variety of basic objects such as pencil tool, the pen tool, rectangle tool, polygom tool, and text tools. Software "Inkscape" is also smart enough to address habits of users to edit images. For example, when creating an object, it will automatically fill and outline color-coded according to current setting.

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