Accelerating Faster Loading Video From Youtube

>> Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It’s like watching videos on Google-owned sites such as YouTube may be among you have a slow internet connection? Therefore you should try to open YouTube with the help of an application called "Feather Beta Page" which is a new feature of YouTube, allow you to download videos faster. Here, the various elements on the page as the video description, the share, comment simplified, there is even a discarded because of burdensome process of loading the page, including the video itself. Here's how to use the application Feather Beta Page: 01. Visit the website located at Click the option Join the "Feather" beta 02. If you already have a video that you want to watch. Can be seen on page zoom looks much simpler than the usual page, which displays thumbnails and even videos related to the current program is limited to 5 only. 03. To return to YouTube as usual, just click on the option "Just this once" in the lower right corner of the page. Meanwhile, if you want to use this feature on, click Permanently option. 04. But keep in mind, every time you open a YouTube page, then the Feather Beta version is opened, to return to the beginning, back access the address leave option and click the "Feather" Beta


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