USB Flash Disk Not Detected When On Plug

>> Sunday, December 5, 2010

Problems often arise in the use of flash disk is not detected by the device of the Windows operating system. If you have ever experienced anything like that mentioned above. Here are steps you should do to detect the presence device your flash drive.
  1. 01. Select the Add Hardware, by clicking the Control Panel
  2. 02. After performing the Add Hardware, it would appear that guide widget hardware detection process. Just click Next
  3. Furthermore, the system will check the availability of new hardware devices that are plugged but not yet detected. As a result, the flash disk is known if it appears the following instructions:
a. Menu Autoran
b. The question that the USB disk supports USB connection is faster, such as a
USB version 2.0
c. Removable Hardware icon in the system tray
d. The new drive in Windows Explorer or My Computer
04. Detection process does not need to be forwarded, just click Cancel on the menu display

By following this way is more effective when flash USB disks are not damaged, and a USB port to function properly

Good luck and success


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