How to Install Winamp Dancing in 3D Animation

>> Saturday, August 7, 2010

It seems impossible if aa is not familiar with Winamp. This is a free player a million people that must be installed on every computer. Winamp can play not only music, but also can display the 3D dance while playing the song. If you do not get bored while listening to music.

For that, you have to add plug-ins visaul 3D animation. free version is available at, you may choose which you prefer. Dance Steps for the installation of this 3D, Can there be a follow below:
  1. Make sure Winamp is installed at least version 5 or newer.
  2. Install the plug-ins that are selected.
  3. Open Winamp when winamp is active, press K to control screen appears Visualization
  4. Choose one of the plug-ins you have installed earlier, and click Start. Then click close
  5. If the animation has emerged, play a song and wait for the animation to move the songs danced to the strains of your playlist.


Anonymous,  November 28, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

I want to install winamp dancing plugin for winamp on my laptop, thanks guide download, and install it.

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