How to Clean Trash Files on Hard Disk With Mood Diskcleaner

>> Sunday, August 1, 2010

Junk files / temporary files from Each time an operating system or software That is run by the user. The files are deleted if not regularly, will from gradually accumulate or meet in the hard disk space available.

The removal process will from some very easy to do if you use additional software, one of Them by using software Called Mood Diskcleaner. This software is very easy to use there are items Enough That checkbox options are available. Then click timbol clean now.

This software supports more files including temporary files, private data on the registry, cashe files, history files and Internet browser cookies file. (IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera). Users are also able to confirm the deletion otomatisd, each time the operating system is run.

Price: Free
Download: 20diskcleaner% 201.07% 20installer.exe
File Size: 3:06 MB


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