Cloud Computing Services From Kaspersky

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

Kaspersky presents the concept of cloud computing is to share company in Indonesia. According to Kaspersky, great potential, with 40 million users of Internet, ISP 305, 15 000 Internet café, 8 Gbps traffic, and many more.

Very many advantages to adopt cloud, one of them is better security systems and secure. Kaspersky also highlight security issues in cloud computing system, with the understanding of fundamental risk, ie who are in cloud systems, who is responsible if anything happens, then risk management.

IBI cloud services are now available in the Internet universe, for example Standard and Poor 'Google Mail, Microsoft's Azure and Kaspersky Security Network. Danger that one needs to calculate if the cloud computing service is taking the threat of botnets GhostNet. Besides the threat bosnet, Also has the advantage of cloud services, Standard and Poor 'minimize maintenance, ensuring on-demand resource, no need to buy new hadware old soon and is suitable for industrial content.


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