Clean The Dard Disk From Junk Files

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

Whose name there is always trash everywhere, not least in the hard drive is also your garbage files, disk capacity is not in our files only, Apparently there are still many files that we do not want. Up or junk files will always increase over time and a time to meet the hard disk space.

These conditions can be prevented by doing regular maintance of temporary files using special software, one of which is bleachbit. This software can clean up junk files of cashe, cookies, internet history, localization, logs, temporary files and broken short cut.

Every option provided masng this software is accompanied with an explanation That Can facilitate you to take action. Can you use whitelist feature, multiple files or folders Pls wanted untouched by this software maintenance process

Get free software at file size is not too big just 5.98 MB


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