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>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

FlexTk file management toolkit is a software that can scan the disk in a network share, and enterprise storage systems, classifying all the existing files and organizing them into a categorized file hierarchy. FlexTk automatically recognizes more than 2000 types of files and allows a person to seek or export the file hierarchy of categories, perform various actions on specific files or groups and manage the physical files already exist in accordance with user-defined list of rules and policies. The FlexTk's built-in file organizing engine allows one to determine the rules of some organizing and apply simultaneously during a single pass through one or more file systems.

Overtime, disks on home computers and enterprise storage systems collect outdated files wasting storage space and making it difficult to find the required information. The FlexTk file management toolkit provides advanced storage utilization analysis capabilities allowing one to analyze one or more local disks or network shares, identify abnormal storage utilization patterns and automatically execute (FlexTk Ultimate Only) user-defined actions. The user is provided with the ability to browse files and directories sorted by the used storage space, identify disk utilization hotspots and export storage utilization reports into a number of standard formats such as HTML, Excel CSV and ASCII text.

FlexTk Ultimate includes a built-in disk monitor capable of detecting file creations, modifications, attribute changes and deletions in real-time. The real-time disk monitor provides the user with the ability to monitor one or more disks, directories or network shares and detect all changes made in the monitored file systems. In addition, the user is provided with the ability to specify conditional real-time actions capable of executing FlexTk's user-defined commands, custom commands, scripts or batch files. Finally, The FlexTk's built-in disk monitor allows one to export reports, containing lists of all added, modified and deleted files, into a number of standard formats such as HTML, ASCII text and Excel CSV. Reports may be generated manually by the user or automatically according to user-specified conditions in disk monitor actions.

Main features:
» File Classification, Categorization and Organizing
» Storage Utilization Analysis
» Duplicate Files Search and Removal
» Rule-Based File Search
» File System Change Monitor
» High-Speed File Synchronization
» Multi-Stream File Copy and Data Migration
» Built-In Disk Cleaner
» File Management and Navigation

Home Page - http://www.flexense.com/flextk/

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