How To Make Money From Blogspot and Wordpress

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

Want to make money from Blogspot or Wordpress, you simply have a blog and personal blog with good article quality and then register your blog to google adsense. But before you sign up google adsense, then you must make preparations so that your application will be accepted by google adsense.

Before you sign up google adsense, then you should make preparations so that your application will be accepted by google adsense. First, you must already have a blog or website. Here I use wordpress as a blog. And make sure you have install wordpress properly and well indexed by google.

Second, write the content in English or other languages allowed by google adsense.
Third, make sure you get at least the end of day 50, this is not an absolute requirement, but many adsense publishers who register with the construction of the blog.
That’s a bit of preparation that can be used as a benchmark. Well, now we proceed with the registration adsense, first please register directly to and click Sign up now.

Fill out the form provided, make no mistake, especially since the home address check would be sent to your home address. To Account type, select the Individual and Language select English or content that you created and of course the language is the language required to register adsense.

The next page is a confirmation of the information that you provide. Scroll down and hold and you will get the question, Which One is describes You? Choose match your conditions. Are you going to create a google account using your existing email or create your own.

So now the registration process is complete, and Google will review your blog listed. If they pleased then within 3 days there will be a notification email. When your application is rejected then you also will get a notification so they can try again.


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