How to Remove BIOS Password

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We often see the computer in her BIOS password, for safety's sake he's usually the computer itself. But on the other hand, when we forget our own BIOS password to be able to do so we must eliminate the BIOS settings for the password.

Here are some alternatives to recover a forgotten password. What I do know there are two ways to remove the password, namely:

01. This method may be to us-we who like to disassemble our computer innards, because you only need to clear the CMOS (battery company) to remove the BIOS password on us.

2. The second method is suitable for us - we are a hobby to play DOS. How to remove BIOS password under DOS is:

* Exit from the windows ...
* Run MS-DOS in the company of fashion
* After performing the MS-DOS mode, type the following command:
you'll see the sign (-) on the DEBUG prompt,
type: o 70 2e, so it will appear-o 70 2e,
then type again: o 71 ff enter,
last type: Q to exit debug prompt,
and try to restart
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