Change Ringtone Phone With Yahoo! Messenger

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Along with the growing popularity of broadband connections in Indonesia. Phone use is also increasingly rampant through Yahoo Messenger. Just like in a regular phone, if you are someone who is doing a voice call or video, you will hear a ringtone that ring until the phone was answered. If your phone does not answer, caller will be taken to a voice mailbox.

The ringing of the commonly used Yahoo Messenger same old phone. Boring, but do not bete first, ringtone can be changed. How to replace it please you please follow the steps below:

01. Run Yahoo Messenger
02. In the Messenger window, click on "Messenger> Preferences"
03. Make sure you are in Category Alert & Sound
04. In the "Alert me when", select "I receive an incoming video or voice call"
05. Click the "Import .."
06. Select the song you made ringtone in wav format
07. As the song titles appear on the list, click the "Set Default"
08. Press "OK" to save changes

Good luck


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