Fixing Hard Disk that strike Bad Sector

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bad sector at hardisk in common available 2 kinds, which is mechanical / physical and software. Mechanical Bad sector, which is as surface as data depositor plate hardisk wrecks physically for example because most scratch, strike dust, strike hard bump etcetera. Meanwhile bad sector is software can happen while hardisk be busy suddenly dead, downed current etcetera.

For Bad Sector what do as damage of physical (mechanical), therefore that this study outboard, since that thing usually can't (be so difficult) improved. If extant warrants therefore advisable be switched over a new one. But if bad sector that as software, therefore possible is still can be fixed. So study at here just get bad sector's focus by software.
How to fix Bad Sector?

If hardisk was detected strike bad sector, therefore first step is save aught essential datas, well at keeping at hardisk any other, at copy go to CD or another. And before follows steps under ensure essential data have at backup.

Move Initial : drive's format attempt or hardisk what do exist bad sector with format ordinary, e.g. via rights click at Windows Explorer and vote for format. Sometimes it can remove bad sector.

If langlah start that fails therefore can be tried some way with severally following free software:

Easeus Partition Manager

This free software besides utilitarian to make / edits partisi hardisk( alike appearance Partition Magic), can also be utilized to remove bad sector. Its steps as follows:

1. Carry on Easeus Partition Manager's Program
2. Vote for drive what do roughly speaking there is bad sectornya( to ensure there is bad sectornya can also at scan passes through easeus this denganklik is drive right Choose Advanced's menu> Check Partition)
3. Right click, and choosing Delete
4. While emerges information, therefore elective “ Delete Partition And Delete Data ”.
5. If was finished, click Apply's menu.
6. Sit out until be finished.

Need to be reassured, that this stage just can be done for drive besides windows. And ensuring data its been secured / backup beforehand.


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