Deactivates Removable Storage

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flash Disk and memory card utilized by makers virus to broadcast its opus result. While Flash Disk drive in goes to computer, direct virus detects, indeed asceticism sees fur. Usually tech that often been used local virus for spread. Estimated no less than 90 local virus percents scatter via storage media that remained comes in without at bag.

If you don't want to come lost or damaged essential, anamkan is virus comes in. One of the ways that can settle as this, you can follow procedure so flash you who strike virus not come in to computer upon will do Flash Disk connection to computer:

1. Click switch “ Start ” then typewritten “ mmc ” without sign plucks, then press later.
2. After MMC'S window is opened, click “ File “> Add / Remove Snap in..
3. Be on the scene window ” Add Or Remove Snap Ins ”. Click “ Policy Object's Group ” on aliases left box “ Avaible Snap Ins ”, click switch “ Add
4. Be on the scene window “ Welcome To The Wizard's Group ”, then giving name Policy Object's Group ”. At the discretion you its name may be free directly “ Finish ”
5. Feature window “ Add Or Remove Snap In ”, and will perform window
6. Be on the scene page “ Local Computer Policy> User Configuration> All setting ”, then looking for rule that named “ All Removable Strorage Calssee: Deny all Acess “ and double click
7. Be on the scene again halamanb “ All Removable Stroge Classes: Deny all Acces editior ”, click “ Enable “ and on “ comment ”, is it possible information correspond to Flashes Disk forbidden order or remoble store any other.
8. So effect it segara feels, GPO'S update you by open Command Prompt. Command Prompt Beginini's open way its way: “ Start ”, type “ CMD ” without quotation mark continually presses enter.
9. Let do essay, Colokan is Flash Disk on USB'S port. windows ekplorer's open, click drive ijamin's Flash Disk, be on the scene box caution get writing “ Acess Is Denied ”

Tipses such okay this time hopefully successful, and don't forget to look after go on apdate antivirus you.


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