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>> Friday, November 25, 2011

Linux operating system is an open source system, as the development of Linux is increasingly popular and much enthusiasts to use it. Ubuntu does make some people curious, and there is also less enthusiasts, because it is difficult to get programs and games that are compatible with this system. For those who want to try but lazy to install the Ubuntu system, there is no need worried look to see what Ubuntu really is. With the help of application "Ubuntu Skin Pack" for free provided you can feel and see the actual show Ubuntu.

This application will only change the Windows default view be like Ubuntu. Although Ubuntu does not use all display overall, but was fairly represent what is there. In addition to the desktop display, the typical Ubuntu wallpapers to icons can be displayed, even the sound to display logins and logo can be enjoyed. Even so, you can still perform all the functions of Windows because none of the features of Ubuntu here.

In the application package, you'll get some applications options that can be run separately, such as changing the theme according to your modifications, for example if you want to change its icon alone. In fact, there is also a desktop flip function which will create a 3D desktop look stylish.

Information Download 35.8MB:


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