Increase Defense Computer System Of Malicious Attacks

>> Monday, October 24, 2011

Protect your computer instead of just putting up flash disk your computer with antivirus or antivirus installed, but not enough. Especially if your activity in the surf is high, almost every day you use the computer for surfing the virtual world, you should add a protective order your computer more secure from malicious attacks that are not desirable. One way is to add protection via firewall.

One of the existing firewall found in Windows Vista and Windows7, it has an integrated firewall default firewall, but it was not satisfied with just relying on the default of these windows. There is an additional software that you can get for free called Private firewall.

Provatewall is a computer program that meets these requirements, this software offers complete protection from malicious attacks, such as hijacking, key logging, and various other attacks. This software can make as an additional lined for the system, both desktop and server.

Features that exist within this software, including packet filtering, Internet, Traffic Filtering, Port Scanning, IP Tracking, Secure POP Email Protection, and also Proprietary Control Engine. Intercede useful monitor applications that access the Internet.


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