How To Install Windows 8 Developers Review

>> Saturday, October 29, 2011

Continuing the previous post about Windows 8 Developers Review. If you already downloaded and burned it. Now, how do I install Windows 8 using DVD. Here are step by step install of Windows 8:
  1. Boot the computer using Windows 8 installation
  2. Wait a few minutes to create files that will then take you to layer installation. Select Home in the language and click "next"
  3. Now click the install button "Install Now" to continue installation
  4. Mark in front of the option "Accept the terms and conditions", then click "next"
  5. Once inside install, there are several options, such as Windows upgrade to Windows 8 or want to continue install clean. Select the Custom (Advanced) to continue installation clean.
  6. After appearing to the next layer there is a drive of choice, where you will install Windows 8, select the drive you want to install. In addition to the drive option, you can manage disk, such as formatting, or make a hard disk partition, if you want to create a dualboot, select a different drive with Windows install location that you have. After that, click "next"
  7. Installation process is in progress, wait for the computer is doing install.
  8. After the computer will reboot installation process and will prepare the arrangements.
  9. personalized desktop settings will now begin. Select "Express Settings" on the menu that appears.
  10. Windows 8 can login using Windows Live account, if you want to use it, this login method, click "I don''t wat to log in with a Windows Live ID"
  11. Select "Local Account" to create a username and password to log into Windows. After all the information entered, for the next click "next"
  12. Now Windows will confirm system. Once everything is finished, you'll be treated to display the Windows desktop 8.
That's the steps to install Windows 8, way of working install of Windows 8 is actually not much different with Windows 7. safe surfing on your new Windows now.


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