Game Depth-Select the Driver or the Shark Team

>> Saturday, January 1, 2011

Depth Game is a game that is played with the feel of the sea. Imagine that each player tries to find out shark that exist, in order to achieve the goal of each player. There are two teams in this game, namely Driver and Team Shark Team

If playing as a Driver Team, has a goal to dive into the ocean and reach the valuable artifacts that are usually hidden behind the wreck. Then bring it back to port. Shark Team has a goal to prevent Driver Team to bring these artifacts, by separating them into sections.

If you look at the illustrations, this player looks pretty easy to do. However, the challenge is how to avoid the threat of any shark that comes. Sharks reaches prey by taking into account every little vibration in the sea, which makes it possible to detect a distant target even once.

Requirement Minimum :
Windows XP SP2, 2.0 + Ghz processor,
2 GB Ram, Hard Drive 3 GB
Genre : Action
Information :


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