How To Speed Up Computer Performance With Tune-up Utility 2011

>> Monday, December 20, 2010

Many ways that we can do to improve the performance of computers that we have, one by using the tools Tune-up Utility, because problems slow computer can be solved by these tools. We can download the latest version 2011 in Demo versions of these applications can only be used for 30 days, but can help the process of optimization of computer or laptop that we have.

After completing the download, installation process, and update the operating system, computer tune-up we can. If our first time using this tool, you should use a mode 1-Click Start-Maintenance for the process runs automatically.

Process computer tune up is a bit long, but the results will have a performance computer faster than before. We can use turbo mode to tune up quickly. However, this mode is temporary, meaning that the configuration back to the starting position if the computer is restarted. This mode can be used if we need a whole resource hardware to run an application. In principle, the turbo mode will disable the options that are not needed for computers running the applications focus that we want. To activate the turbo mode, here's how

  1. From the overall status Tune-Up Utilities, click menu Turbo Mode under
  2. Appears Maintenance Postpone automatic tasks. then check the 3 features that appear next
  3. Connection limit menu appears with external devices, and mark 2 features after that, next
  4. At reduce visual effects, the next
  5. Configuration computer resources for optimal performance click next
  6. Turn off functions next background
  7. Distribute Addition boots click next performance
  8. How Long Should stay tuned on Turbo Mode, and choose the Until the computer is shut down and then click finish to perform the process to complete.
In addition to using freeware Tune-Up Utilities, we can also optimize your computer with a manual way, namely by doing defragmentation on a regular basis.


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