Magic Hat Can Listen to MP3 Songs

>> Sunday, November 21, 2010

You might not expect, that in fact there is a cap that has an MP3 player or music player. MP3 is a stamp, which is not limited to the protective cap from the sting of the hot sun or complement the style alone, but also a gadget for music lovers.

Although implant MP3 player, this cap does not provide such a tool earphones or a headset like a regular MP3 gadgets. But, given sspeaker stereo. As a result, these devices should not be used while on public transportation or any other place that happens to want a quiet atmosphere. Best suited as a friend to the activity does jogging or a walk.

When used, the existence of the music player is not too obvious, where the position of 'gadgets music' is face down, right in front of the user's forehead. So, the top hat is only visible arches heavy foundation music player.

Uniquely, MP3 music players on this stamp could dicopat-off. So do not bother when the user wants to wash his hat when his look was dirty.

MP3 seal has an internal memory capacity of 2GB. If not big enough, can add up to 8GB microSD memory card. As an MP3 resource stamp carrying the Li-Ion battery, which can be used to listen to music up to 30 hours. But, when nge-Chaz is quite long, up to 3 hours to reach full level.

Its owner an additional feature, this hat was crammed full of MP3 player with FM radio too. And, in the sales package also included a data cable. Quite handy when I want to transfer your favorite songs from a PC / other media to MP3 stamp.

In the global market, MP3 stamp priced range 99.95 U.S. dollars, or Rp 910 thousands.


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