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>> Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If you have a lot of important, and want to keep in a safe place. Nothing wrong with you try some online data storage, because data is mediated online other than to safeguard the security and data can be shared with your friends who need it, and you can get back if the data you need.

To search for data storage that provides a large capacity is already there, one ziddu with unlimited capacity, and could get a dollar each to download your data there, but lately ziddu very hard to apload data with large capacity, it often happens a lot failure, but for a small data file that it is good enough.

Here is Some information and online data storage with large capacity, with capacity up to 50 GB, quite to the safe if our data or our file is damaged. Now the Following online data storage Can you use the address data.
  1. ADrive Basic, online data storage with a third bid package, one of the basic (free) that provides up to 50 GB of data. To use it as usual you are required to create an account, after you complete the account confirmation email into your email. After your confirmation you are ready for your data to apload

  2. SkyDrive, as with ADrive SkyDrive can also provide an online storage capacity up to 25 GB. To use this service, you first register or create an account first, and you are ready to use it. Oh he was, all you have to remember for every apload files or data can not be greater than 50 mega every aploadnya. Want to please list your address in the

  3., is one of the data storage using a local server, typically benefit from a local server to access and download data apload is lighter or faster because you are using a server in Indonesia. This service site provides an online data storage capacity of 10 GB, with the Indonesian-language homepage, so it is easy to browse through these pages one by one. You are interested in the service of this, please your list and open your account there.


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