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>> Friday, August 20, 2010

If you want to send e-mail, We Are usually obliged to login to services or SMTP servers. There is an easy way to send e-mail without doing it. Install a local SMTP Relay Server software on your computer, then make the software as an SMTP server on the setting of your e-mail client. If you do not have this SMTP software, please download it at your

After you get your software please follow the steps for setting:
  1. Run the program Local SMTP Relay Server by clicking "Start> All Programs> Local SMTP Relay Server> Local SMTP Relay Server".
  2. Specify the SMTP port you want to use to use standard ports (port25), select "Standard SMTP Port". If you want to specify a different port, just select the option "Use of Specific Port" and enter the port that you want, after you click Apply to change.
  3. Click Start> All Promgram> Microsoft Office> Microsoft Office Outloook 2010.
  4. Click File> Account Settings> Account Settings in Microsoft Outlook
  5. Select the account that you change the SMTP server settings, then click "Change"
  6. In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP), fill with localhots
  7. Now, click the "More Settings", then go to tab "Advanced
  8. Notice on the Server Port Numbers Outgoing owned server (SMTP). Make sure that used the same post with the settings that have been determined in the course Local SMTP Relay Server
  9. Change the Server timeouts that previously differ in the position of First Minute to 10 Minutes
  10. Click "OK", then "Next"
  11. If you want to change other account settings, repeat steps 5 through 10. to close the wizard E-mail Accounts, click the "Close"
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