How to Invite Friends on Endorse Social Web

>> Monday, August 2, 2010

Web of social presence has provided many benefits to us. Although no direct face to face, where we can be together and greet the childhood friends who had long since we can not meet. News and expertise of our friends may know of their status and profile.

Not infrequently in the status of a person in writing that he was a friend needed someone with specific expertise. When you feel fit with the qualifications which he wrote, you can easily offer themselves. Or, not infrequently the offer came straight at us.

However, sometimes we can not fulfill the request and recommend our other friends. Well, to make recommendations this website "Endorse" present in our midst. You simply register by entering your e-mail and Twitter account.

Here, you can enter your activity status, such as avaible, limited, availability, and univaibility. You can also make your friends list follows with their qualifications. If a time comes bids for work from others. You can directly recommend those on the list.



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