Computer Can be Used as Home Theater

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

Computers not only to play games, and also to type, but we can also use the computer or used as a Home Theater or as an impromptu movie theater. You can watch videos, TV, VCD, or DVD. To make your computer as a real Home Theater, Media-only mode enabled. For the way you please follow below:
  1. Run Windows Media Center via "Start> Programs> Windows Media Center".
  2. From the main window of Windows Media Center, Task Shift to position the menu.
  3. On the submenu underneath. Shift the position of the menu to the media only.
  4. When prompted to confirm the "Media-only mode keeps the Windows Media Center in full screen display. In this mode, the minimize and close buttons are hidden. Do You Want to enter the Media-only mode? ", Answer with" Yes ".
  5. Windows Media Center will be straight into the fashion media to return the previous settings, you can return to the position of the Task, the media only later select Exit.


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