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>> Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This time to really just audio video conversion much easier. Previously if we want to get a free video conversion programs for example, maybe we can get, but usually have many limitations. Especially for video conversion, such as Flash Video (FLV), which has become the standard video on the Internet, previously very difficult to find software that is completely free

One of the services on the Internet is a YouTube video, which is the largest video service in the world, with tens of millions of hits per day. The format used is the Flash Player (FLV), which basically can only be viewed online through a web browser (in Mozilla Firefox, we can download with some extra plugins).

With so many audio format video, so sometimes we need the conversion of various existing formats into a common format that can play in any player or convert to VCD. To do this, there are currently FFmpeg libraries developed by the ffmpeg team. FFmpeg is actually a collection of various libraries to record, run and convert various audio formats video. This library has been used by many applications / projects. FFMpeg is developed under Linux, but have been compiled into various formats, so that could be used by virtually all operating systems including Windows.

This project actually consists of several components, such as ffmpeg itself which is a command line tool to convert from one video format to other formats, this tool also supports to capture and encoding from a TV card in real time. Other components are ffplay, a simple media player that can be used to run various video formats. And still there are some other components. Please see information at Wikipedia about FFmpeg for more details, or directly visit the CERT website.

Formats supported include:

3g2, 3gp, DVD Audio (AC3), Flash Video (flv), H264, Ipod 16:9 widescreen, XviD HQ, 4:3 standard Ipod, Mobile Phone Audio (amr), MP3, MPEG 2, MPEG2 video only, MPEG -4, mpeg3, NTSC DVD, NTSC SVCD, VCD NTSC, PAL DVD, PAL SVCD, PAL VCD, MOV Quictime, Wave (audio only), WMV, Xvid with AC3 audio, XviD with MP3 audio.


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