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>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For you fans of the game is full of challenges, do not miss the latest game called Metro 2033. 2033 Metro incredible gaming and full of challenges. Metro in 2033, released on March 16, 2010 in North America and on 19 for the entire world, is a post-apocalyptic action-shooter game set in Russia. year 2033, as its name, and nuclear war have changed the landscape into an uninhabited place with monsters roaming everywhere. Therefore, the population of Moscow has been retired to the basement, in a vast network of subway tunnels and metro stations. Metro stations are basically the towns in 2033 and is a highway tunnel

You are Artyum, a lonely individual that has a very important message to deliver to another populated station and from there on the story of the game takes some interesting twists and turns.

The game relies mostly on the perfect atmosphere, rendered beautifully by spectacular graphics and impeccable sound quality The graphics engine used is proprietary, developed completely by 4A Games, a Ukrainian company. The game looks and feels amazing, but unfortunately, the system requirements are fairly high, even for modern systems. Nevertheless, lower quality settings can help and the game looks splendid even when you are not setting everything to the maximum, the atmosphere is there.

The game is a very classic shooter with a couple of interesting game play elements. For example, if you need to go above ground you will need to use a gas mask and constantly supply it with new air filters. The currency in Metro 2033 is also very special. Since the nuclear war, military grade ammunition is difficult to find, so this has basically turned into money.

I really enjoyed this game, with all the twists and that added bit of super natural it made for a very nice game. Had the system requirements been a little lower and the game optimized a little better, it could have been perfect. Even so, it deserves a play from everyone that has an Xbox 360 and even those that have decent systems.


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