Registry Cleaner To Use With Windows 7

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unlike other Windows systems, Windows 7 has been designed to be as up-to-date and feature-rich as possible. It has a lot of new features, applications and files which many older registry cleaners will not recognize and will struggle to fix, meaning that if you want to be able to make your computer run much faster and more reliably, you need to use the registry tool that is completely compatible with Windows 7.

There are a lot of Windows registry cleaners out there, but only a few work well on Windows 7. Although there are a lot of tools on the Internet, they have all been designed to do the same job... and it's how well they do this job which will determine how effective they are.

The job of a registry cleaner is to clean out all the damaged and corrupt registry settings from Windows. Registry settings are files that are stored inside the registry database and help your computer to 'remember' a variety of different options for your computer. Unfortunately, the registry is prone to becoming corrupt and damaged, making Windows unable to read the files it wants to in a suitable time.

Because Windows 7 has a lot of new features & settings inside the registry, a lot of older registry tools are unable to do their job properly on it. They work by scanning through every registry file on your PC and identifying any damaged or corrupt ones that are in there. The problem is that if you use an outdated registry scanner on Windows 7, it's going to label a lot of the new registry files that this system has as being damaged or corrupted, when they are not. This will make your PC try and remove many healthy registry settings, which will cause havoc with Windows.

The best registry cleaner to use with Windows 7 is the one which is able to find and remove the largest number of registry errors, whilst leaving all the healthy registry files intact. There are only a few registry tools which are updated and effective enough to perform well on 7, but having used a lot of these, we've found that one called "Regcure" has been the best. RegCure is a popular registry cleaner and is effective on Windows 7 because it's been kept up to date and tweaked by its large parent company.


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