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>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures or photos that are not free, usually listed on the web as a sample only, accompanied by a watermark. The image or images obtained free of charge, usually provided by non-profit institutions, one of which is the National Geographic.

Large institutions is quite well known in the world in the field of education and science. From year to year, is actively instutisi into a provider of image or images of natural science and which can be downloaded and used free of charge as a user with wallpaper.

The size of large image files become obstacles for users downloading the images are often directly through the National Geographic site.

Users can be overcome by using a special downloader application, known as NatGeo Wallpaper. By Geographic NetGeo can download more than a thousand wallpaper Wallpaper Netgeo owned by quickly and easily, with just one mouse click.

To get this application, you can visit the address, for free.


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