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>> Saturday, February 27, 2010

The ability to capture the special moments in life, with both photographs and videos, is becoming more advanced every day. With the newest technology being used within the digital cameras, it seems that high level software utilities are also needed in order to easily edit and share the photos and videos that are being taken. While there are a few different software programs on the market, the one that offers the most capability along with ease of use is CyberLink MediaShow. This personal use and business software utility is the perfect choice as it has several features that make editing and sharing photo and video files easier than ever before.

There are many excellent features that are included with the MediaShow software, including one-click fixes, organization through tagging, and video editing tools. With just one click, the photos and videos can be enhanced to their best quality, which makes them appear to be from a professional photo studio. All of the photographs taken can be easily organized through technology that works to identify the faces contained within the photos. The photo and video files are automatically organized by date as well. Video editing has never been easier as there are many templates that will help create a video theme with both music and video effects. For those who prefer to manually edit the video files, the ability to clip out unwanted video is easily done with just a few clicks. Whatever digital photo and video editing ability you have, the job can be made much easier through use of this excellent utility.

When purchasing a new computer or upgrading the operating system of an older computer, there is always the daunting task of replacing all of the files and programs that were used previously. While you may be needing an operating system upgrade, it is often a difficult task to move all of the files from the old operating system to the new one. By using the new PCmover software, you will be able to transfer all important programs, files, and settings quite easily. Aside from being one of the only software utilities of its kind, this program is both excellent when used for personal use and as business software.

After installing PCmover in both the new computer and old computer, or on the computer that is going to be upgraded, the software works to detect the information that needs to be transferred and then moves it over to the new operating system. With this option, there is no need to use an external storage device as the files are transferred across a network or USB cable or directly within the computer if an upgrade to the operating system is being performed. The many features that are contained within the software program allow for the user to select which files belong to the new PC and which user information to transfer. Once the migration process is complete, the new PC will appear just the same as the previous one.

While there are a few different software programs on the market, the one that offers the most capability along with ease of


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